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Gates Belt Tension Meter

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4.0 out of 5 (2 ratings)
2 customer reviews

  • Proper belt tension is critical to maintain optimum drive operation (low tension causes belt to skip on teeth, high tension causes excessive wear on belts, cogs and sprockets)
  • Tool gauges proper tension using a visual red/green indicator
  • It is recommended to rotate the drive and recheck tension several times around circumference of belt
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4.0 out of 5 (2 ratings)

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a little fiddly

This handly little tool works fine once you learn how to use it properly, but is highly susceptible to "false" readings due to the way it works. I've more or less stopped using it, and go with my own assessment of correct tension (pretty easy to gauge once you've felt what a properly tensioned belt feels like). I do pull it out occasionally to check the tension and justify the expense of having it in my toolbox.

Pros: Works once you learn how to use it correctly

Cons: can be very fiddly and unpredictable, sometimes requiring multiple uses to ensure accuracy of reading.

Would Buy Again: No
Would Recommend: Yes

Reviewed on: November 01, 2010
Reviewed by: Michael R.

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belt tension meter

before i have always been struggling with the belt tension on my SS. and slipping belt ...

Pros: works

Cons: none

Would Buy Again: Yes
Would Recommend: Yes

Reviewed on: September 02, 2010
Reviewed by: kris

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