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Universal Cycles is matching your donation to the Feral Cat Coalition!

   Posted December 01, 2015 - Permalink
   by Mike D.
   to: Site Updates
FCCONow is a great time to give to the Feral Cat Coalition! Universal Cycles will generously match $10,000 in gifts to FCCO through December 31st. Contribute through the Wilamette Week Give!Guide to have your donation to the Feral Cat Coalition doubled!

Welcome to the Universal Cycles Blog

   Posted June 24, 2012 - Permalink
   by Brad
   to: Site Updates

Hello and welcome to the Universal Cycles Blog! I thought that I should take a few out to introduce myself to you all. As you can see by the author note at the bottom (now don't skip there just yet!) my name is Brad. I may sign off using BB or BC at times, so just be aware that Brad, BB and BC are all the same person - ME!

How about a little work background first....I have been working at Universal for the five months now - though I did sell my first product for Universal about 8 years ago when they were still out by the airport (I'll talk more about this one later). Before that I started at Universal I spent roughly 11 years working on the manufacturing side of the bike world. I spent time working with some of the best bicycle companies out there making frames and also parts (two separate companies). Before that I worked in a couple of bike shops across the US. All said I have spent all but one year of my working life in the bicycle industry and it is something that I just love being apart of!

Hmmm...I started writing bullet points out for the bikes that I have or had...but it was getting way too long. So know that I have single speed mountain bikes, full suspension mountain bikes, road bikes, cross bikes, and fixed gears. I am only missing out on a 6" travel bike and a DH bike....but I don't know when or if those will ever get added to the stable. I ride the fixed gear 99% of the time and I love fact it is often asked if I know the limits and intended use of my I tend to do a little bit of everything on all of them!

So that is me and I am sure that as time goes on I will put more and more info out there...but for now you at least have a general knowledge about me. I am not sure how often we will be up-dating this, but I hope often and I hope that we amuse, entertain and educate you!



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