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Road Stems - 125 Products

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Bar Clamp Shims

Cane Creek 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Cane Creek eeSilk Suspension Stem
From: $229.99
Available in Black or Silver

Cannondale 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Cannondale C3 Stem w/ Intellimount
From: $25.00
MSRP: $35.00
You save 29%!

Cinelli 26.0mm Clamp Stems

Cinelli 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Cinelli Dinamo Stem
From: $89.99
Available in Black or White

Cinelli Pista Track Stem
From: $29.99
MSRP: $34.99
You save 14%!

3 Reviews

Cinelli Stem Parts

Cirrus Cycles 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Cirrus Cycles Stem Small Parts

Deda Elementi 26.0mm Clamp Stems

Deda Elementi 31.7mm Clamp Stems

Deda Elementi Zero100 Stem
New Item
From: $93.99

Deda Pista Stem
From: $93.99

Deda Elementi Stem Parts

Dimension 25.4mm Clamp Stems

Dimension 26.0mm Clamp Stems

Dimension 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Dimension Threadless Stem Black
From: $39.00

1 Review

Easton 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Eleven81 31.8mm Clamp Stems

ENVE Composites 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Frame Pads

GT Bicycles Frame Pad Sets
From: $31.99
Available in Colors

FSA 31.8mm Clamp Stems

FSA Energy Stem
From: $112.00

FSA Gossamer Stem

From: $51.00
Overstock Item From: $51.00
MSRP: $63.00
You save 19%!

FSA Metropolis City Stem
From: $55.00
MSRP: $75.00
You save 27%!
Available in Black or Silver

FSA SL-K Drop Stem
From: $89.99
MSRP: $115.99
You save 22%!

Interloc Racing Design 25.4mm Clamp Stems

Interloc Racing Design 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Kalloy 25.4mm Clamp Stems

Kalloy Road Quill Stem
From: $9.99
Available in Black or Silver

Kore 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Kore XCD1 Stem
From: $35.00

MSW 31.8mm Clamp Stems

MSW 17 Degree Stem
From: $36.99
Available in Black or Silver

Nitto 25.4mm Clamp Stems

Nitto Technomic Long Quill Stem
From: $48.00

1 Review

Nitto Young 3 Quill Stem
From: $21.00
MSRP: $22.99
You save 9%!

Nitto 26.0mm Clamp Stems

Nitto 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Nitto Quill Stem Small Parts

Paul Components 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Paul Components Boxcar Stem
From: $147.50
Available in Colors

Profile Design 26.0mm Clamp Stems

Profile Design 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Profile Design Conversion Quills

Profile Design Conversion Quills
From: $18.00

1 Review

Promax 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Promax Gent Stem
New Item
From: $31.99

Quill to Threadless Adapters

Dimension Steerer Adaptor
From: $24.99
1" To 1 1/8"

Soma High Rider Quill Stem Riser
From: $28.99
Available in Black or Silver

Redshift 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Redshift Sports Stem Parts

RideFarr 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Ridefarr Stem Parts

Ritchey 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Ritchey Comp Switch Stem
New Item
From: $79.95

Ritchey Superlogic C260 Carbon Stem
From: $299.95

1 Review

Ritchey 35.0mm Clamp Stems

Ritchey Stem Parts

Soma 25.4mm Clamp Stems

Soma Shotwell Stem
From: $39.99
Available in Silver or White

Soma Sutro Quill Stems
From: $56.99
Available in Black or Silver

Soma 26.0mm Clamp Stems

Soma Crane Stem
From: $79.99

Soma 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Steerer Tube Extensions

Delta Stem Riser - Threadless
From: $34.99
MSRP: $38.99
You save 10%!

Dimension Steerer Extender
From: $42.00
1 1/8" Available

Steerer Tube Shims

Thomson Stem to Steerer Shim
From: $10.00

1 Review

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