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Road Stems - 118 Products

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3T 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Bar Clamp Shims

Cane Creek 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Cane Creek eeSilk Suspension Stem
New Item
From: $229.99
Available in Black or Silver

Cannondale 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Cinelli 26.0mm Clamp Stems

Cinelli 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Cinelli Dinamo Stem
From: $89.99
Available in Black or White

Cinelli Pista Track Stem
From: $34.99

3 Reviews

Cinelli Stem Parts

Cirrus Cycles 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Cirrus Cycles Stem Small Parts

Deda Elementi 26.0mm Clamp Stems

Deda Elementi 31.7mm Clamp Stems

Deda Pista Stem
From: $93.99

Deda Elementi Stem Parts

Dimension 25.4mm Clamp Stems

Dimension 26.0mm Clamp Stems

Dimension 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Dimension Threadless Stem Black
From: $36.99

1 Review

Easton 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Eleven81 31.8mm Clamp Stems

ENVE Composites 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Frame Pads

GT Bicycles Frame Pad Sets
From: $42.00
Available in Colors

FSA 31.8mm Clamp Stems

FSA Energy Stem
From: $98.99

FSA Gossamer Stem

From: $58.00
Overstock Item From: $39.99

FSA Metropolis City Stem
From: $70.99
Available in Black or Silver

FSA SL-K Drop Stem
From: $104.00
MSRP: $115.99
You save 10%!

Interloc Racing Design 25.4mm Clamp Stems

Interloc Racing Design 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Kalloy 25.4mm Clamp Stems

Kalloy Road Quill Stem
From: $11.95
Available in Black or Silver

Kore 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Kore XCD1 Stem
From: $35.00

MSW 31.8mm Clamp Stems

MSW 17 Degree Stem
From: $36.99
Available in Black or Silver

Nitto 25.4mm Clamp Stems

Nitto Technomic Long Quill Stem
From: $48.00

1 Review

Nitto Young 3 Quill Stem
From: $17.00
MSRP: $22.99
You save 26%!

Nitto 26.0mm Clamp Stems

Nitto 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Nitto Quill Stem Small Parts

Paul Components 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Paul Components Boxcar Stem
From: $147.50
Available in Black or Silver

Profile Design 26.0mm Clamp Stems

Profile Design 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Profile Design Conversion Quills

Profile Design Conversion Quills
From: $18.00

1 Review

Quill to Threadless Adapters

Dimension Steerer Adaptor
From: $24.99
1" To 1 1/8"

Soma High Rider Quill Stem Riser
From: $28.99
Available in Black or Silver

Redshift 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Redshift Sports Stem Parts

RideFarr 31.8mm Clamp Stems

RideFarr Headspace ST Stem
New Item
From: $89.00

Ridefarr Stem Parts

Ritchey 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Ritchey Superlogic C260 Carbon Stem
From: $299.95

1 Review

Ritchey WCS C220 Alloy Stem
From: $77.99
MSRP: $99.95
You save 22%!

Ritchey 35.0mm Clamp Stems

Ritchey Stem Parts

Ritchey Stem Bolt Kits
From: $9.95
MSRP: $37.95
You save 74%!

Soma 25.4mm Clamp Stems

Soma Shotwell Stem
From: $39.99
Available in Silver or White

Soma Sutro Quill Stems
From: $56.99
Available in Black or Silver

Soma 26.0mm Clamp Stems

Soma Crane Stem
From: $79.99

Soma 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Steerer Tube Extensions

Delta Stem Riser - Threadless
From: $34.99
MSRP: $38.99
You save 10%!

Dimension Steerer Extender
From: $39.99
1 1/8" Available

Steerer Tube Shims

Thomson Stem to Steerer Shim
From: $10.00

1 Review

Supernova 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Syntace 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Syntace Force 109 Stem
From: $76.00
MSRP: $99.00
You save 23%!

Tange 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Tange T-5290 Lugged Stem
From: $92.00
31.8mm Clamp

Thomson 31.8mm Clamp Stems

Thomson X2 Road Stem
From: $114.95
Available in Black or Silver

2 Reviews

Thomson Elite X4 Mountain Stems
From: $114.95
Available in Black or Silver

5 Reviews

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