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Bell Helmet Closeouts

Bell Avenue LED MIPS Women's Helmet 2020
Matte/Gloss White/Gray

From: $79.99
MSRP: $95.00
You save 16%!

Bell Avenue LED MIPS Women's Helmet 2020
Matte/Gloss Hi-Viz/Black

From: $79.99
MSRP: $95.00
You save 16%!

Bell Catalyst MIPS Helmet 2019
Matte Black

From: $104.95
MSRP: $150.00
You save 30%!

Bell Sixer MIPS Helmet 2019
Virago Matte Black/White/Crimson

From: $89.99
MSRP: $150.00
You save 40%!

Bell Sixer MIPS Helmet 2020
Matte/Gloss Dark Brown/Mint

From: $144.00
MSRP: $170.00
You save 15%!

Bell Sixer MIPS Helmet 2020
Ridgeline Matte Crimson/Gray

From: $144.00
MSRP: $170.00
You save 15%!

Bell Super Air R MIPS Helmet 2020
Matte/Gloss White/Purple

From: $230.00
MSRP: $274.95
You save 16%!

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Understanding Bell Technology

This is the terminology that Bell uses for it's helmets.
Fusion In-mold microshell
In-molding is the process of bonding the helmet’s Microshell to its EPS foam layer to provide a sturdier, more solid helmet. The EPS foam is shot into the thin Microshell cap when it is in the mold—thus the name—rather than formed separately and taped on later. This process was pioneered by Bell and is now the industry-wide standard for all high-end helmets. It’s now standard on all Bell adult and child helmets.
In-mold Bottom Wrap
In-Mold bottom wraps bring a new level of durability, solidity and aesthetics to helmets. By bonding Microshell material to the lower half of the helmet, In-Mold bottom wraps cover what on most helmets is a less durable, exposed EPS foam.
Clear GPS Fit System
For a glove-like fit, nothing beats Bell's exclusive Geared Positioning System (GPS). Offered on our marquee helmets—Ghisallo, X-Ray, Furio and Influx, —GPS delivers the ultimate one-hand adjustment for superior fit and comfort. Simply turn the dial to click in to the perfect custom fit.
The ErgoDial Fit System brings one-handed adjustments to our Universal Fit helmets. A simple press of the button and slide of the dial brings firm, snug and comfy stability.
Internal Reinforcement
In order to maximize venting and minimize bulk, high-end helmets like the Sweep, Ghisallo and X-Ray now feature internal reinforcements. These composite skeletons fortify helmets the same way rebar makes concrete stronger. This allows for bigger vents, more advanced styling and lighter weight, while still meeting stringent safety standards.
Channeled Ventilation
Specially designed ventilation channels on the interior of the helmet's liner bring cool air in through the front, pass it over the head and flushes warm air out of the rear ports. You'll find some form of this feature on almost all Bell helmets, but our higher end helmets feature deeply sculpted channels that keep air moving whether you're bombing it at 30 mph, or huffing it uphill at single digit speed.
Cam-lock Levers
Bell's Cam-Lock strap levers make it easy to adjust the straps around your ears. Simply open the cam…position comfortably and close the lever. Done.
Registered Graphics
Getting helmet graphics to hit the right spot on the helmet without distorting or warping is more challenging than most people realize. It’s why you see many of our competitors only doing helmets in solid colors or with very simple graphics. Bell designers have pioneered methods for registering graphics, so that we can make some of the most graphically complex and visually appealing helmets in the world.
Pinchguard Buckle
Bell's PinchGuard buckle is specially designed to prevent kids from pinching their neck when they secure their helmet.

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