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Customer Feedback on our Wheelkits

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Customer Feedback on our Custom Built Wheelsets

i just got my first set of wheels built from UC and i believe they'll be my go-to from this point on. Couldn't get the wheels i wanted (PRO4 Boost/DT EX471) built by my old source so turned to my "i know they'll have it" alternative and am very happy with the result. Although a bit more money, the quality and service is well worth the price tag and stills falls within the happy value ratio. As soon as the budget allows, i plan on having a few more wheels built here.

matthew k

August 26, 2017

2nd set of wheels from Universal--these were Stans Iron Cross, sram 900 hubs (love how easy to convert these hubs are), DT super comps, brass nips. Did a lot of looking around since budget was a bit tight, but Universal is really solid on their pricing, and the build is quality. I actually looked up the components separately on the Universal website, jotted down the weights, and the wheelset came in within 50 grams of what I guessed it would be...pretty sweet. It made up a reasonably light (1550 g) wheelset at a reasonably light (sub $600) price. Thanks Universal! Very happy to be a customer...

Ben H.

June 22, 2017

Back in 2009 I had you build a set of 29er wheels... Salsa Semi's laced up with a 4X pattern to 36H Shimano XT hubs with DT Swiss.

I'm a rather heavy rider at 250, 6'3" of mean aggressiveness. I first put these on my hardtail, then on my full sus 29er. I've been riding these wheels since on my primary 29er, and they have never once fallen out of perfectly true. I'm actually pretty amazed. (I'm also amazed that I haven't broken the Shimano freewheel yet, but I've always spun more than mashed, even when climbing, and I maintain it regularly.)

Looking forward to having you guys build me another set in the future... I've been thinking about going 27.5+ size on my 29er

Jeff W.

June 22, 2017

I have purchased a few items from Universal Cycles and you have always done a great job in fulfilling my order. But today I received a call from one of your team members to discuss a custom built wheel I had order. He was super courteous and pointed out in a very gracious way that the components I had selected didn't include a means of braking. In other words, I made a boneheaded mistake and he made me feel okay about it. That is a great staff person to have! He corrected my mistake and explained there might be a slight delay, but, hey, that is better than just building the wheel as ordered. I am sure my order was way down on list as far as cost, but this fellow made me feel I was his most important customer. Trust me, I will continue to do business with you folks and I will encourage all my cycling friends to do the same. Thank you for the amazing customer service!

Tim F.

March 16, 2017

This was my first custom wheelset from UC. I've been a customer since 2009 or so, and finally did it. Should have years ago. I live in grand Junction Colorado. I ordered the set only five days before Christmas, and It was shipped 3 days later, on 12/23; I had a new wheelset on 12/30. So... it only take 3 days longer to get a custom hand built wheelset; and you get what you want at a lower price. The wheelbuilder is easier to use than in the past some of the bugs are gone; for instance it now adds in the nipples, since they come with the rim. I got DT Swiss XM 481 rims, (they come taped) 350 hubs, XD rear, and black competition spokes. These wheels are for my Stanton Slackline (steel hardtail 140mm front suspension). I put 2.8 Maxxis minions dhf/rll 3c. The most aggressive plus tires I could find, (and they perform great). I run 18 lbs. pressure rear 16 front.

Thee wheels are awesome!! Did I mention the rims were already taped? just added the valve stems. Had no problem setting the bead, tires sealed up first try. Best wheel set I have ever owned. I've been riding them a couple months now in winter mixed conditions. The trails around here are mixed singletrack and rocky tech. big rubber is what my Stanton needed. If you are looking for a wheelset, this should be the first place you look.


February 28, 2017

Hi guys, A couple weeks ago you guys built a new rear wheel for me using an XT hub and Stan’s FLOW rim. Just wanted to say that you did a great job. I am not a lightweight rider and I case jumps on a regular basis (I am getting better though). :-) I took my bike to Silver Mountain Idaho and spent a day hammering on it on some of the most choppy and rocky high speed runs I have ever been on. I cased a jump with my rear wheel so hard that my ass bent the rails of my saddle so severely the saddle was pointing to the sky. I managed to prevent being totally bucked off the bike somehow too…..Then I took it to Whitefish Mountain Resort in MT for another day of lift-served riding on rocky technical runs. Then a few XC trail rides in there as well. After all the riding and SEVERE abuse, the wheel still turns perfectly true and works great!

Thanks again!

Aaron S

August 18, 2015

Just wanted to send a quick "thank you" out to all of you at Universal Cycles for such an excellent wheelset that you built up for me. I had you build up a set using black 105 hubs, Mavic A719 rims, black DT champion straight gage spokes, and black brass nipples. The wheels look absolutely fantastic, and the build and ride quality are superb. I have them on my Gunnar Crosshairs steel frameset using Continental 700 x 32 contact tires and the ride is fantastic. I had ksyrium equipe's on previously, and I am amazed at how much better the ride quality is now with a hand-built wheelset. I called to get some advice on spoke count (32 or 36) and talked with Schmitty, who is always so knowledgeable and helpful, and I am truly grateful for his professionalism and help. Thanks again for such a fantastic wheelset and outstanding customer service. The only wheels for my machine's will be built by Universal cycles. Happy riding,

Jeff P.

August 25, 2014

How is it that you guys manage to always do such a great job?!? :-D
I just placed this order a few days ago... sent my hub in on Tuesday... I realize Seattle is just up the street, but it is only Friday, and I already have 2 beautiful perfectly built wheels back on my bike!! I've built a few wheels... it is fun, but it is hard to do right. My new wheels are perfect! Whoever worked on them is a true master. Universal Cycles is the best... Thank you so very much!!

Jose M.

May 30, 2014

Just wanted to send a quick "thank you" out for such a nice wheel build (open pro, 6800 Ultegra, DT competitions, DT alloy nips). I was a Machinist for over 20 years and can tell that your wheel builder has a great eye for detail. If I put an indicator on the side wall I doubt that the run-out is even .005 of an inch. The hub is super smooth, and all of the spokes are evenly tensioned...Thanks again for always providing such professional service and great products and prices

Jeff P

May 16, 2014

Last July I purchased a custom wheel set from Universal. The wheels were for my wife's bike which is a Mixte. I was going for the old school look so I chose 27" Sun rims, polished, Sturmey Archer rear 8 speed hub, Shimano 105 front hub, DT Swiss spokes, DT alloy nipples in purple. The bike is powder coated blue with some purple components. My wife's favorite color is blue, and my late step mother's favorite was purple. My wife loved the idea of combining the two colors.

You guys at Universal made it so easy to order the wheels. When I opened the box I was impressed how clean, and free of finger prints they were. The wheels were exactly what I ordered. They were packed very nicely and looked like they could be shipped without any damage. Thank you very much!

Al C.

January 30, 2014

Most shops make it a real hassle to get wheels built. Not knowing what it will cost, when it will get done, and what kinds of parts that will be used is often par for the course. To make matters worse, you often have to wait for the "wheel guy" to be in the shop to get it done.

Your online system makes it a dream. Easy to spec, price, and quick! To top it off, the quality of your builds are excellent!

I have had 3 sets of wheels built and have not had they have not had to touch a truing stand yet even after a full season of road racing.

Robin W.

September 05, 2013

I had you build a funky wheelset a few months back. A 32h Disc Chris King front and a 28h Disc White Industries Campy-11 rear on Mavic Open Sports to use on a new road bike with hydraulic disc brakes. These wheels are incredible, and ride like an absolute dream. They are the most solid and confidence-inducing wheels I've ever ridden. Cheers.

Tom S

May 03, 2013

Just received my wheels and couldn't be more pleased. These were the 4th and 5th custom wheels I've ordered from you this year and I thought I would take the time and express my appreciation for the quality of work and timeliness of all the orders I've placed. I also want to give a big thank you to Schmitty for helping me with some questions I had before I ordered the wheels.

Robert A.

November 21, 2012

Received my SS wheel build from you yesterday. What a fine job! This is how I remember wheel building should be. I have had three other wheel sets built up by three different LBS's in the past two years: I will go to UC first in the future. Thanks, again.

Larry D.

July 15, 2012

I decided on Universal to have my winter commuter/cyclocross bike assembled along with the wheels. The wheel configuration tool on their website is well designed and their selection is incredible. I ordered DT Swiss RR465 wheels with Chris King ISO hubs and, so far, with daily commuting, the wheels have been flawless. When deciding on all the components for my bike, Universal was there to answer all my questions and offer advice. I was also amazed at how fast the assembly took as well and they would never hesitate to call if any questions or decisions came up.

Travis S.

December 18, 2011

I had Universal build me a 29er front 20mm American Classic hub / rear DMR 150mm thru axle hub heavy duty wheel set on MTX 33's and it rocks.

In August, I also had them build me an econo free ride wheel set with an American Classic 20mm hub and Azonic 12mm thru axle rear hub along with black Alex DM24 rims. Not a head turner by all means but a very sturdy set nevertheless. The build is tight & clean.

I highly recommend Universal for complete wheel sets because you can order it any way you want at a decent price. Their stock is far the largest on the planet and with these goofy new hubs with different diameter spoke flanges (which your LBS think sucks) that use two different spoke lengths....who in the God's green earth stocks them? Well these dudes do. Order now, fool!

Ernie M.

November 03, 2011


Please pass this on to your wheel builder.

Iordered two sets of wheels last year for a couple of touring bikes we wee setting up. One with ultegra the other with XT hubs. Both used WS double butted spokes and Dyad rims.

We just completed a 2900 mile fully loaded trip across Europe that included 400 miles of unpaved roads and trails and over 500 miles of cobbles and assorted paver block surfacing. The wheels took a beating!

The wheels performed flawlessly. They are as true when we got home today as when we left. Thank you for the excellent work.

Doug R.

September 13, 2011

Another great job on the recent wheel you built - very good work as usual, thanks!

Mark W.

June 30, 2011

Hi Guys,

I Just received my custom wheelset with Hope Pro2 Evo/Sun Singletrack/Wheelsmith spokes and all I can say is WOW! Fantastic job on the build! I am VERY happy!

This was my first order from Universal Cycles and I'm impressed. Not only with the service I got before ordering, but also the fast build/delivery time and the quality workmanship.

Thank you very much!

Jimmy R.

June 01, 2011

I've had two sets of wheels built by UC (the first bike was stolen) and I'm going on about 3+ years on the second set that were built.

They are still running perfectly true despite "my best efforts" to mess them up over about 20,000 miles of road/bike paths as a regular work commuter (140 miles/week).

I wanted long-lasting, high strength wheels and the 36 H Phil Wood hubs, Mavic EX741 rims, Wheelsmith spokes w/brass nipples while HEAVY, have certainly held up nicely over the long miles.


Chris P

April 18, 2011

Received my first wheel build from you today.
- Looks to be a great work, my compliments
- Checked it over well, and though it's not going on the frame just yet, I can hardly wait to get it rolling.
- Liked packaging, all recyclable.

William M.

January 25, 2011

I am very pleased with the wheelset I had made from Universal Cycles. They came true, with out defects, and with rim tape!

John J.

October 22, 2010

Been punishing my hand-built wheels from Universal Cycles on a daily basis for 2+ years and they haven't even been near a spoke wrench since they left the shop.

October 09, 2010

Fantastic wheel Universal strung. I also purchased a Velocity Dyad Rim and DT Swiss Competition spokes. The wheel went on my commute/grocery bike. I was looking for a solid and a friend recommnded Universal Cycles. I couldn't be happier. I commute 38 miles daily and use this bike as a grocery carrier. I have a mile carton on the back and sometimes transport home 5 gallons on water. That translates into 40 pounds plus additional items. The wheel are still true as the day I bought them. I just purchased another wheel to be used on a second bike.

I have no worries about the wheel breaking spokes constantly like I did on the orginal wheel that came with the bike. The wheel is rock solid. Well built.

Thanks Universal Cycles

Phillip M., San Carlos, CA

October 02, 2010

I sent my Hope front hub in to be built into a new wheelset 4+ years ago and I am still riding that wheelset today. Universal's custom wheel build program is very cools and the proces are hard to beat with a very wide selection too boot. One of the guys I ride with likes my wheelset so much he has laid claim to it should I meet my end on any ride I am on with him. If Imitation is the finest form of flattery then surely grave robbing is second.

Jesse B., New Mexico

September 07, 2010


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