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Feedback from our Customers

Our entire staff at Universal Cycles take great pride in the quality of our customer service. Below are some of the kind notes we've received from our customers. We always appreciate your feedback and your suggestions.

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Buying from Universal Cycles is always such a joy. Call them and a human will answer who seems to know everything about virtually any kind of bike. I used their wheelbuilder tool ten years ago, and I still get stopped on the streets of NYC all the time by people asking me where I bought my DT Swiss/Phil Wood track wheel. When I wanted to convert that wheel to tubeless, once again, they knew exactly what I should do. The shipping is often much faster than advertised. The discounts can be insane. Unlike [...] other sites that chase trends and fill their product pages with slick, useless, used-car-salesman copy, Universal sells everything old-and-new, and sticks to providing basic product data. Sometimes I worry a day will come when I can't upgrade or replace parts on my fixie and 29er singlespeeds- nope, Universal has what I need every time. The way for many retailers to compete with Amazon is undoubtedly to take notes from Universal Cycles.

Mike B.

December 23, 2019

I’ve been ordering from Universal Cycles for a few years now and your customer service (and products and pricing) has always been great. Please keep up the good work and Happy Holidays to all of you!

Jon K

December 14, 2019

Thank you for the stellar advice and service. Schmidty is an outstanding resource in knowledge and patience. He helped me several times with various orders and through some confusion. He set me in the right direction and gave me a sense of greater confidence in the build I am putting together. Thanks again.

Johnny B.

November 05, 2019

I wanted to take a moment and say thank-you! P.S.; and after reading the profiles here, I have to add that I have been car-free for 27 years! Currently have four bikes of my own that I work on and ride. Plus working on friend's bikes all the time! Again, thank-you!!!

Carl B.

August 28, 2019

Thanks again for your fast service! I've already received my shipment, and I'm very impressed with your company. I placed another order with another online bike company at the same time as I ordered from you. They haven't even started to process my order yet - it's been three days now. I also happen to be a person who processes orders and shipments for a living. [...] I'd be instantly fired from my job if I sat on an order for three days. All of you at Universal Cycles have earned a very satisfied customer! You WILL be receiving future orders from me - thanks once again for your integrity and hard work. Thanks!


August 26, 2019

First time customer and I must say I was very pleased with my experience. Purchased a new Salsa Woodsmoke carbon body 27+ at an incredible price. They had it built and ready with some upgrades within 24 hours. I have to also say that as a guy in his 50’s it was nice to be helped by some other guys with a little grey in their beards as well. Easy going, no pressure sales experience, would definitely go back again.


June 02, 2019

Thanks. You guys are awesome. Thanks for the great service and also (spread it around) thanks for carrying oddball stuff like 406 rims and microshift shifters. I’m making some custom carbon fiber recumbents for travel, and your selection makes it possible to get a good, workable, reliable setup at a very good price. Thanks to your carrying that stuff, 3x9 isn’t dead, and I love the sun CR-18 rim, as well as those inexpensive microshift DRs and shifters. Excellent performance for the price.

Seth J

May 02, 2019

I just received the tires and tubes I recently ordered. I'd just like to say you are definitely at the top of my online bike stuff list. The quality is what I expect, the service is great, better than most and even the packaging is neat and careful. The tires were much more securely packaged than many more expensive and fragile items I have purchased elsewhere prior to discovering you. Thanks so much.

Mike H

April 22, 2019

I've been a customer for over 20 years now. Aside from a few years where kids slowed down purchases, it's still my go-to place for getting what I want for my bikes, which is a pretty good amount each year. I've never had a problem and they've always been great do deal with.

Ron B

April 19, 2019

All I can say is thank you! I had been looking for a tool to work on my bike (Park Tool AWS-3 3-Way Hex Wrench). Naturally, I went to Amazon first and found they were, let’s say “confused”. I went to Park Tools and they pointed me in your direction, wow! Your service was very fast and to say my item was shipped protected was an understatement. In this day of big box sellers it is nice to find a smaller retailer who understands the customer. I don’t buy often but rest assured you will be my go to place for bike needs.

Jeff B

January 02, 2019

This was my first order with Universal, and a small one at that. It came promptly but with one glitch. The 2mm spoke nipples where actually 1.8mm. I called the 800 number which was on the packing list and got Schmitty, who took care of ordering and sending the correct part right away. Amazingly good customer service! Way better than Amazon, where the people who ship the goods are a different company from the people selling the goods, who are hiding behind Amazon's network so you'll never be able to deal with anyone directly. Now when I have to buy parts online, the first place I'm going is Universal Cycles. Best regards,

Don F

December 09, 2018

I send compliments and thanks to the Shipping Department for the fast delivery of my order. I ordered on Tuesday morning, and it arrived Thursday at lunchtime! I think of UC as a West Coast company, but that Lancaster warehouse is close to me; I'm just east of Boston. This is my second same-week delivery– my previous order was placed on a Tuesday and arrived on Friday. Thanks for this wonderful customer service. Y’all are in competition with Amazon Prime, and you’re doing just fine!

Bob C

May 31, 2018

I have recently made my first two purchases from your company and I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how delighted I am with the level of professionalism that I experienced in dealing with your company. I received exactly what was ordered, everything was packaged well and in perfect condition and it was received in the expected time frame. I will definitely be conducting future business with you company and look forward to what I’m sure will be a great business relationship. Thank you for your diligence in providing top class services to mountain bikers looking for good prices and a pleasant online shopping experience. Till next time...Turn,Burn and Earn

Eric K

April 08, 2018

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for the awesome customer service. During the riding season I do quite a bit of tinkering and help my buddies out with repairs. I end up placing a few order a month and never had an issue with the service. Occasionally an issue comes up with the part (manufacturing issue or something) and UC has always taken care of it for me.
I'd also like to give a shout out to Brad from the PA store. I pretty much deal exclusively with Brad. He is always available to help. Whether its during the day, over the weekend, or after hours, I get an e-mail back within a few minutes. Even if its something that he needs to check on when he's in the store, I get an email letting me know, followed by the answer the next business morning.
So, that's why I call you guys my (not so) Local Bike Shop. You have my loyalty as a customer, and are always my first stop. Even on the off chance that something is a few bucks cheaper somewhere else, my business still goes your way. Thanks for the fantastic service,

Ryan P

March 28, 2018

Thank you for promptly processing my recent return! Come to think of it you all have given me great service for many years. I am glad to be a Universal customer. Have a great day!

Dan B

March 13, 2018

Woohoo! Thank you. Super glad i happened to find you online. I can see much of my future and ongoing bicycle related purchases going through you. Kind regards,

Santi M.

February 28, 2018

Excellent! Thanks again. Always appreciate great customer service. Quick answers via text and email. Have to love it. Really liked being able to text with questions. Who ever came up with that....well done.

Steve P

January 06, 2018

I just had to email and comment on the outstanding customer service Schmitty gave my wife when purchasing a Park tool set for me. She purchased it for me just before Christmas and we found there were tools that were not included in the kit advertised…coming to find out later that the tool kit had been revised. Schmitty was very receptive to helping my wife during probably one of the busiest shopping times of the year and getting the tools not included to her. He even emailed after to ensure she received the additional tools after they were shipped out. I know all of this sounds like common customer service, but unfortunately it is not so common. So I wanted to let you know that I appreciated the courtesy given to my wife in buying the kit, and getting the right elements of the kit to her…and, essentially, to me. You have a new customer…Thank You. Sincerely,

Karl P

January 03, 2018

That you guys cared enough to get me straight and take the time to work thru the APO address system is why I you all have been my bike go to for since 2010 and why I will always recommend you all to my biking crowd in the Army! Thanks so much!!!

Tim C.

December 29, 2017

Trying to remember what life was like before Universal Cycles is like trying to remember what life was like before smartphones and the internet... dark times... and I was born in 1975. You guys are the best - thanks again.

Aaron O

December 17, 2017

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