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SunRace CSM680 Wide Range 8sp Cassette

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11-40t (Black)

SunRace CSM680 Wide Range 8sp Cassette - 11-40t (Black)
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11-40t (Silver)

SunRace CSM680 Wide Range 8sp Cassette - 11-40t (Silver)
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SunRace CSM680 Wide Range 8sp CassetteSunRace CSM680 Wide Range 8sp Cassette
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Finally, big sprockets for us Luddites!

While those who've "upgraded" to expensive, fussy 11 speed drivetrains have enjoyed the benefits of enormous sprockets (up to 47t now, from what I've heard), those of us who've stayed with the tried-and-true, reliable, CHEAP 8 speed have been stuck with a maximum sprocket of 34t forever (or 36t, for those few of us who've bothered disassembling the 12-36 9 speed cassette).

Well, this finally solves the problem. 40t is a big upgrade over 34t, or even 36t. Enough for many of us to ditch the second chainring and go with a 1x8 solution. And like all good 8 speed stuff, this cassette is cheap. Thank you SunRace!

Side note: I know a lot of people think they need tons of gears, with tiny steps between them to maximize pedaling "efficiency." Maybe true for racers trying to eke the last 0.1% out of their performance. For the rest of us, that is pure hogwash. As a former singlespeeder, I'd rather spend less time shifting, or even thinking about shifting. Taking a cue from internal hub drivetrains, I try to go for 30-33% steps between gears. That means I don't *even* need 8 speeds. I only use 5. On my trail-oriented bike I now have gear steps of 14-18-23-30-40 (yes, the 30-40 jump shifts just fine), and on my street-oriented bike I have 12-15-20-26-34. That's still a hugely wide range, with smaller steps between gears than a traditional 3-speed hub, and I don't "need" to shift very often. Plus I almost always know which gear I'm in, something that's rarely true on a many-geared bike.

Why do I mention all this? Well, because even if you aren't a drivetrain-geek who takes apart and reassembles custom cassettes like I do, EIGHT IS ENOUGH! Get a cheap 8 speed shifter, an even cheaper 8-speed chain, and this cassette, and you are good.

Oh, and if you do like making your own custom cassettes, this is the easiest one to disassemble that I've encountered yet. Just unscrew one tiny allen bolt and that's it. At least I think it's an Allen - maybe it's a tiny Torx, but it's so small my eyes can't quite tell. It's smaller than any Allen wrench I have, but it easily unscrewed with a tiny eyeglass screwdriver. Either way, took only about 10 seconds to get it apart.

Pros: Perfect spacing, ultra low gears finally available for us 8-speed holdouts who like paying $12 for chains. Super affordable. Easiest-disassembling cassette I've encountered. Shifts great.

Cons: Well, it's heavy. It's an all-steel cassette with a 40t big cog and no weight-saving spider/carrier. What did you expect for this price?

Would Buy Again: Yes
Would Recommend: Yes

Reviewed on: September 09, 2017
Reviewed by: GlowBoy

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