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Lizard Skins 3.2 DSP Bar Tape - Available in Colors

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3.2mm (Black)

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3.2mm (Blue)

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3.2mm (Green)

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3.2mm (Grey)

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3.2mm (Red)

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3.2mm (White)

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The rubbery surface is really sticky and nice. I had high hopes.

Unfortunately, as others have noticed, the backing adhesive isn't very good, so the tape tends to slip around on the bars over time. I would like to have wrapped it tighter, but there are "DO NOT STRETCH" warnings all over the packaging.

The padding wears down quickly; it's pretty much flat after a couple months of commuting. Now that it's crushed, it no longer has the same surface area as the rubber, so I have gross-looking creases in the rubber. Re-wrapping the tape has no effect.

Some of the other reviews have claimed that the rubber stays grippy when wet, but that hasn't been my experience at all. In the rain it's no better than any other tape I've used. I mostly ride barehanded, if that helps.

All in all I'm very disappointed with this tape. I wanted to like it, but it just doesn't measure up.

Pros: Very comfortable when new

Cons: Degrades rapidly, price

Would Buy Again: No
Would Recommend: No

Reviewed on: August 07, 2014
Reviewed by: Andrew L.

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