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BOB Yak Trailer

3 Reviews

Yak Plus w/ Dry Sak

BOB Yak Trailer - Yak Plus w/ Dry Sak
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Yak 28 Plus with Dry Sak

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BOB Yak Trailer
BOB Yak Trailer
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Solid rig, tracks great

I've owned three of these now. I keep buying the same thing after moving to different countries. Having one wheel in the back that leans with you do means it doesn't tend to skip out of turns like the two-wheel rigs do. It's also narrow so if you and your bike can thread the needle, the trailer is right behind you. I have exceeded the cargo weight numerous time and has always performed fine.

Parking is NOT a problem if you know how to do it -- the 90 degree position makes it freestanding. It's like having a built in kickstand. The bike and trailer is too awkward to carry away on foot, too long for a pickup bed, so a helicopter is about the only way to carry it off. Chaining the trailer to the bike is all you need.

Don't forget the safety flag. I thought it was a silly addition until the day a lady rear-ended me at a stop light because she couldn't see the trailer below her bumper.

Keep in mind that the rear triangle of the bike is taking additional the torsional forces so it's probably best not to use this or any trailer on your dainty carbon fiber princess. Unless you like walking as much as cycling.

Pros: Agile. Stabile. Low rolling resistance. Easy to load. Easy to store. Dry bag and fenders keep the cargo from getting dirty and wet.

Cons: The skewer has to be cut down so "some assembly required" applies here. Additional skewers for your other bikes can add up. The included spider net is more trouble to use than it's worth -- the hooks can get caught in the wheel.

Would Buy Again: Yes
Would Recommend: Yes

Reviewed on: June 23, 2016
Reviewed by: David G.

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For that "steel is real" crowd.

This empty STEEL trailer actually weighs close to 18 pounds on a digital scale with its plastic cargo bag. At first I assumed lower rolling resistance would compensate to balance this out. It does not. Why in the world add an additional 8 pounds I have to pull to an appropriate 4 pannier set up that's easier to load, ride with, and keep organized? Duh!
The day I gave in and quit acting stupid with this trailer is the day I also stopped dreading real world rest stops in auto centric environs requiring parking this thing. I hope the new owner enjoys it.

Pros: You barely notice one tires rolling resistance on flats or with tailwinds. The one hole approach to cargo is great once you get it memorized.

Cons: Parking your rig with it attached. Absolute nightmare. Under 40 lbs load is fairly negotiable, more is dreadful when climbing. The steel attachment yolk is inflexible offering soft tissues no fore-aft pseudo suspension as is the case with Burlys ingenious flex yolk. You might consider fresh garlic and chamois butter for anything over a few days! Bob can be a long term pain in the arse.

Would Buy Again: No
Would Recommend: No

Reviewed on: August 16, 2011
Reviewed by: Rain W.

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solid stoller

I used this for a self supported 100 mile bike-packing trip on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and the White Rim trail in the Canyonlands NP. It performed great. Solid construction. Can handle abuse like no other. The wheel tracks exactly with your rear wheel. The key is not to load too high. Either have your water stashed away or rely on rivers/streams. When you're braking going down a hill, use your rear brake as the main one (not your front) and keep your speed down. It's easy to start fish tailing with this guy.

Pros: solid build, versatile, easy to take care, tracks with your rear wheel. Can use to carry your groceries home.

Cons: none

Would Buy Again: Yes
Would Recommend: Yes

Reviewed on: August 23, 2010
Reviewed by: Charles K.

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