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Sram Automatic 2 Speed Hub

3 Reviews

120mm x 36 Hole (Coaster Brake)

MSRP: $85.00
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130mm x 36 Hole (Rim Brake)

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daily commuter

I have this fitted in a 700c x 23 wheel and have adjusted the shift point to allow spinning in low, which is about 60 gear inches. High is about 82. It has proven reliable throughout the year. I commute over a mixture of hilly and flat terrain. Low is just low enough to prevent stalling on the steepest hill, with high being fast enough to keep up with 95% of other bikes. Its great to not have to think about changing gear, and its always in low when starting from rest.

Pros: Looks like a single speed, simple, reliable

Cons: It would be nice if the aluminium body version was avaiable

Would Buy Again: Yes
Would Recommend: Yes

Reviewed on: April 05, 2015
Reviewed by: A J

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Far more versatile than a singlespeed hub, but dead simple and solid

I got this for my folding bike so that I would have more than 1 speed on Portland's hills, but since this is my just-get-on-and-pedal super simple bike with dynamo lighting, I wanted something with clean cable-free installation and operation, and no shifter. Naturally, for this application I got the coaster-brake version. I am starting to suspect that it has a bit of extra drag, as mentioned by a previous reviewer, which is a shame but OK by me because this is not my fast-commute bike (smaller wheels are slower anyway, at least with typical widely-available tires).

The shifting is mostly great, instantaneous and silent. Since this is my super-automatic bike it's very cool to have it automatically pick a higher gear for higher speeds and a lower gear for lower speeds. One glitch is that in my experience it OFTEN upshifts on bumps at speeds below the shift point, forcing me to stop pedaling for a split second so it will shift back down.

The other problem, as everyone else has mentioned, is that the shift point is at too low of a speed. This is especially true for me with 20" wheels, and it shifts at just over 8 mph. I've considered opening it up and trying to adjust the spring, but it's not really that bad for me since I've geared it fairly low, so I can climb some hills and don't really need to go that fast on the flats with my putter-around bike.

I may upgrade the folding bike to a 3-speed, which is less simple in operation but is better on our big hills and may have less drag. In that case I'll give it to my kid, who's currently on a 20" coaster-brake singlespeed, would surely love a second gear, and won't mind the drag.

Pros: Simple setup, no cables! Mostly works great. Smooth and silent. High gear doesn't seem less efficient than the direct-drive low gear. Weight very reasonable for a multi-gear hub with a built-in brake. Other than the ghost-upshifts on bumps it works great and isn't flaky or breaky like I've heard about the Sturmey 2-speed hubs.

Cons: Will upshift on bumps. Shift point lower than optimal. Maybe a bit of extra drag in the coaster-brake version.

Would Buy Again: Yes
Would Recommend: Yes

Reviewed on: June 12, 2014
Reviewed by: GlowBoy

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Great once shift point is adjusted

I have two of these, one I built into a 20" wheel for a folding bike, and one in a 700 wheel. The hub shifts seamlessly and gives 2 gears, the average of which would be a common singlespeed ratio, depending on your setup. The coaster hub version is heavier and has more friction than the freewheel version.

The only problem, and it's a big one, if you don't want to disassemble the hub, is that it shifts too early, dumping you into the harder gear at the worst moment, such as when climbing a slight grade, when it's probably more pleasant to just spin a bit. For me, this defeats the whole purpose: to have a ratio for climbing and a ratio for descents and flats.

I've adjusted both of mine to shift around 13-14mph and I really like this hub once it is adjusted. This requires opening it up and either resetting the spring tension, or winding a new spring. If you search, you'll find posts about this.

Pros: Feels like a singlespeed but with 2 ratios
No cables/clean appearance

Cons: Heavy
Occasionally shifts if you hit a bump

Would Buy Again: Yes
Would Recommend: Yes

Reviewed on: April 13, 2014
Reviewed by: Jon

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