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Fat Biking is Fun!

   Posted December 01, 2013 - Permalink
   to: General Bike
Mike's Fat Bike Ride

A bunch of us went out on a ride today. As it's the end of November, we knew it would be chilly and wet here in the Northwest. So, we dressed appropriately and hoped that the weather forecasters were correct in saying the rain wouldn't hit until tomorrow. The basis for this ride was, simply, to get ready for next weekend. Next Saturday, December 7th, is "Global Fat Bike Day". Ok, it's only the 2nd one. Global Fat Bike Day gives us the opportunity to lay praise to what we enjoy most. In this case: Fat Bikes! We will go to the snow and enjoy riding with friends. And, we will enjoy the festival like atmosphere created, laughing, falling, etc.

So, to "get ready", which really isn't all that difficult, today's ride was a fat bike ride. As usual, there were some new technical tidbits to experience throughout the group. There was a brand new Salsa Beargrease Carbon XX1 on the ride! And, I had converted my fat bike to tubeless. The roots, covered in leaves, were as slippery as usual, causing havoc around a few corners. And, a really good game of "don't dab" was created along the way. That is where the rider in front may slow down to a crawl (maybe even track stand) and try to get the riders in back to put their foot down.

Needless to say, we had a fantastic ride and are "ready" for Global Fat Bike Day. The Salsa Beargrease left a huge smile on it's new rider and I can say that my tubeless set up was absolutely incredible (no more pinch flats!!)

Here at Universal Cycles, we hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We continue to be thankful that bike are so much fun. To all you fat bike riders, an early "Happy Global Fat Bike Day!".

- Mike D.


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