Problem Solvers 50mm Wide Cable Hangers

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Avoid this hanger

It looks really good in concept, but this hanger totally did not work for me.

The bolt does not clamp down far enough to get a good grip on a regular road brake cable. Also, they route the cables in the same plane, so that it's a big pain to set up. There must be some reason that hangers are designed this way, but it baffles me.

Pros: Shape, weight

Cons: Functionality

Would Buy Again: No
Would Recommend: No

Reviewed on: April 01, 2012
Reviewed by: paul a.

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Lower yoke angle

This is a great tool to widen your yoke angle while maintaining enough space for wide fenders and tires. This hanger really seemed to improve the stopping power of my low profile canti-lever brakes. :) I am nervous thought that the hex bolt is going to slip on gripping the brake cable although its held great for a couple months now, even in the heavy Portland, Oregon rain.

Pros: Great for wide tires and fender. Seems to improve braking power of low profile Tektro Ornyx brakes.

Cons: No adjustability for centering the brakes.

Would Buy Again: Yes
Would Recommend: Yes

Reviewed on: December 12, 2010
Reviewed by: Logan S.

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