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Michelin City Tire

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26 x 1.4 w/Reflective Stripe

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26 x 1.85 w/Reflective Stripe

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4 - Jan 28th

pickup_biking_man Available for pickup
Portland, OR1 - Jan 25th
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Ended up very disappointed

Wanted to love these. They are not too fat and not too skinny; there is tread but not at all aggressive; and they have a flat protection layer. I also liked the profile.

In the end they were very disappointing. Bought two and the bead frayed on one tire in short order (a matter of a few months). Bought a replacement.

Now the bead has frayed on a second one and punctured a tube. I cant tell if it is the remaining original or the replacement, but not more than 10 months if it is the original. 2 out of 3 failing is a bad enough sample.

I use knobby tires in winter, so they were removed from Dec - March and they are very tight to get on so that will cause some wear, but 1 (ONE) time off then one and the bead falls apart?

I expected much better from the MICHELIN brand name.

Pros: Perfect Size for what I want
Perfect tread for what I need
Very flat resistant

Cons: Bead is just pathetic

Would Buy Again: No
Would Recommend: No

Reviewed on: July 14, 2011
Reviewed by: Bike Mike

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Great Tire!

I have the 26x1.85 on a MTB used as a urban cruiser. The tread is minimal - just enough to move water - so it is great for paved trails and rolling resistance is low.

The contact profile allows that when pumped up close to the max, there is only about .25 to .50 of ground contact. Lower pressures allow more stability for terrain with damp leaves, nuts or stray rocks. At higher pressures the tire tends to slide off these things latterally.

Pros: - Low rolling resistance
- Large pressure range allows variable handling options
- Protek flat protection

Cons: - Reflective stripe seems to flake pretty quickly
- I had one develop a hole above the bead resulting in flats - hopefully an isolated case

Would Buy Again: Yes
Would Recommend: Yes

Reviewed on: September 22, 2010
Reviewed by: Bike Mike

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