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Meet our Live Chat Crew!

Brad  C

Brad C

Who are you and how long have you been with Universal Cycles? - My name is Brad and I am the Retail Floor Manager. I have been with Universal coming on two years now, but like to say that I have been selling for them for about 12 I did sell my first product back when we were still located on 81st and Columbia. I was there after work one day, waiting to go on a ride with Mike D and a customer needed some help...I just happened to know a little something about the MTB wheelset he was looking at and helped him get the purchase done....I am sure that the customer was not expecting to be helped with mountain bike product from a guy in a full roadie kit, but it all worked out it in the end.

What bikes do you have in your stable? - Ridable bikes are a little low right now as I have a lot of maintenance to do, but I have a 26" Ti Single Speed, a Horst Link Turner Flux, a DW Link Turner Sultan, a Trek 5500, a Desalvo Cross, a Ti Salsa El Mariachi, Specialized Langster, and an SE Langster Wood version. My next bike that I want to get is a Salsa Vaya for touring and I am kicking around the idea of getting a 27.5 Hardtail as I really want to test one of those out. The bike that I ride the most is the Langster...there is just something so much fun about riding a fixed gear - in fact a year ago I did my first mini-tour on the Langster. My body and mind are so tuned into riding a fixed gear that my buddies often have to tell me to shift or that I can stop pedaling when I am on a normal bike!

Describe your ideal ride - To me any ride is an ideal ride. The bike is used as a way to clean out the thoughts and the cobwebs and no matter the weather or ride, I always end them with a smile. The best rides are the ones done with great friends and end with everybody sitting around, eating, drinking and laughing.

What is your first cycling memory? - The one that sticks out the most is when I cracked my head open at the age of 4.5 on my big wheel....In my mind I was standing up, no hands going down a hill and then I ran into the back of a car...the only questionable part of that memory is if I was really going without hands or not!

Mike D

Mike D

I have been working in the bike industry for 20 years. I started out in the service department of a high end shop, so I have some good technical skills. I have always been very passionate about bikes, since the moment I learned to ride them. When I was 13, I was bored one day and went for a bike ride with my friend. I have been riding seriously ever since. My current bikes include 29ers, both single speed rigid, and full suspension, Surly Long Haul Trucker, Eddy Merckx, Surly Pugsley (pictured here), SE Lager, KHS Cross bike, and a few others. I enjoy connecting with other riders and riding simply for the enjoyment of riding a bike.

Happy riding!

Jason E

Jason E

I grew up in SoCal and started riding bikes at a young age. I would ride all over town with friends and to school. Once I moved up to the Pacific NW I stopped riding for a bit. After getting hired at UC over a year ago, my passion has kicked back in for the industry and riding. I started off with a SS La Cruz (Thanks Schmitty), then after a few months of riding up and walking the bike over Washington Park, I realized I needed gears. I now have a Vaya and LOVE it, I don't have to walk up the hill anymore. I think my next bike will be either a Fat Bike or MTN Bike. Thanks to all at UC for your support and laughter along the way.

Mary F

Mary F

Hello my name is Mary. I grew up in the "Dirty South" and have been riding bikes since before I can remember. My dad always told me that whatever type of transportation I choose, it's crucial to know how it works and how to fix it. Since then I have moved all over the country and worked in a handful of different shops over the past 11 years. I love working on all types of bikes and have a real personal passion for vintage bikes. I recently moved to Portland with my husband and son and we are loving it. I am really excited to be part of this great cycling community!

Mark H

Mark H

I've been fixing bikes in Portland, OR and New York City since the late 80's. I got my first job detailing new cars in the 70's just to pay for my first "new" bike - a Schwinn Sports Tourer with a "Campy" rear derailleur! I still have it! The old Schwinn has about a dozen various stall mates since then ranging from old pieced-together, urban assault vehicles, several versions of mountain bikes and some racy road bikes. The roads and hills around Portland offer countless options to test the limits of all my trusty steeds when I'm not busy talking bikes here at Universal Cycles.

Chat with you soon!

Val L

Val L

Who are you and how long have you been with Universal Cycles? -My name is Val. I've worked at Universal for close to four years now and in the industry for the past 15. I have worked on my bikes since I was about 12 and gained a great deal of appreciation for mechanical things. I also gained a great deal of love for the simplicity and freedom the bicycle offers. I get no end of pleasure in finding the right part for a build or finding the perfect fit for somebody so they can jump on their bike, go on a ride and feel the same way.

What bikes do you have in your stable? - I currently have three bikes. I have a 1985 Specialized lugged Stumpjumper converted to what would be considered an old English bike now. I believe it's made up from the parts scavenged from 12 other bikes! I have a Rocky Mountain Metropolis for my commuter and lastly I have my pride and joy, a Reeb Donkadonk set up with a belt-drive Rohloff for all my mountain excursions. Fatties aren't for just snow and sand!

Describe your ideal ride - If it's on the street, any backstreet route I've not ridden and explored. Cycling for me is the best way to see a town and it's always fun to find secret routes and pathways. If it's mountain, any nice 15-20 mile loop will probably do, but I have a special place in my heart for Hawes Trail back in Arizona...

What is your first cycling memory? - I remember on my fifth birthday getting an orange 20" banana seat and being terrified! There wasn't much in the way of level ground to learn to ride on, and rolling down the hill that was my front yard trying to grasp the concept of the coaster brake is still firmly embedded in my brain...

Brian P

Brian P

I began riding bikes with BMX in and around my hometown of Casper, WY. Since moving to Portland I have come to realize the importance of bikes as a viable and realistic transportation option. I like the freedom that riding gives me. I have taken my enjoyment of bikes to another level as a member of The Axles of Evil Portland Bike Polo Club. If you haven't seen it check it out!

I started building wheels for myself about six years ago and for a living two years ago and have since built a few thousand wheels. I take pride in my wheels and I enjoy my job.

Schmitty S

Schmitty S

I've been riding since 1989, so I've pretty much been a bike geek since 1989. I've tried most riding, but mountain biking is my passion. Like most people into cycling, I have a serious bike addiction. I have an all-mountain bike, a DH bike, 5 single speeds and a road bike (I'm not going to put a number on the partials and the projects). My philosophy is you need a different bike to ride to work everyday...and then a spare bike (or two) just in case.

Keep the rubber side down!

PS. I bought my first mountain bike from the shop that Mike was working at in 1989. Small world...

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